Man on bike looking at mountain: Insurance banner

Does your insurance broker work with you to proactively control both your premium costs and the cost of losses?

If the answer is no, it may be time for you to get a quote from another broker.

Waterloo Insurance specializes in working with specific niches, including contractors. The landscape industry is a perfect fit for their services.

Insurance Interest Form

Here are some of the criteria that will help you determine whether it is worth your time to get another quote when your insurance renews.

Have you had some significant auto claims in the last 24 months?

Did your premium increase 8% of more at the last renewal?

Have you received any fleet safety, motor vehicle record, or camera telematic resources from your current agency? (Examples: Company fleet safety review and/or implementation, driver training resources, or risk mitigation solutions specific to your type of fleet)

Do you routinely have back end general liability and workers compensation audits for subcontracted and direct employee payroll, resulting in large accounts payables due to improper ratings?

Are you routinely going back and forth with your carrier and broker on proper classifications for employees and their scope of work when general liability and workers compensation audits come through after the policy period?

If your answers lead you to look for another quote, fill out the form and Waterloo Insurance will email you with the next steps.