Irrigation Webinar: July 18

Build a World-class Irrigation Division

We have seen great irrigation divisions and lousy ones. Join us as we break down the key elements to having a well-respected, highly-profitable irrigation division, and see how your department measures up.

Co-hosted by The Herring Group and Weathermatic.

If irrigation was all you did, how would you run it differently?

Separating the Strong Divisions from the Mediocre Ones

From incentive plans to performance metrics, this discussion will include a blend of tactical planning and psychological techniques to help move your irrigation business from being known as the “irritation” department to a well-respected and highly profitable division. 

Join Greg Herring, CEO of The Herring Group, as he interviews the irrigation experts, Lex Mason and Parry Webb of Weathermatic. 

In this webinar, owners will learn:  

  • How to create a compelling vision for the irrigation division 
  • The essential characteristics of an irrigation division manager 
  • How to construct an incentive plan that aligns the company’s interests with the manager’s interests 
  • The unique KPIs required for an irrigation dashboard 
  • How technology enables autonomy – and accountability 
  • Using technology to improve irrigation employee recruiting and retention 


Whether you have a great irrigation division or are trying to keep yours out of the “lousy” category, we think owners will find this webinar a valuable use of your time. 


    July 18, 2024

    10am-11am CDT

    Professional Irrigation Webinar

    Co-hosted by The Herring Group and Weathermatic

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    Meet The Co-Hosts

    Greg Herring
    Founder & CEO, The Herring Group

    Greg and his team of financial leaders at The Herring Group are on a mission to improve the profit margin of companies and the life margin of owners in the landscape industry. Greg has served as a CFO for both public and private companies and has significant experience in the landscape industry.

    Lex Mason
    President, Weathermatic

    Since joining Weathermatic in 2015, Lex has progressed through various leadership roles within the company to the President position in 2020.  He has been instrumental in the development of the As-A-Service sales and marketing strategy focused on Landscape Contractors and in structuring the overall organization for growth.

    Parry Webb
    Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Weathermatic

    Parry is a 37-year veteran of the irrigation and landscape industry and has experience leading irrigation innovation as an irrigation technician, landscape maintenance contractor, irrigation distributor and manufacturer. His passion for landscape water conservation is a key part of his interaction with customers and colleagues.