Speaking Topic

Seven Purposes of Profit

During this talk, Greg will explain the “goodness” of profit and how business’ contribute to the community by being profitable.  The value that you produce is often not what you think.


Here is one insight from that talk…

If you are in the landscaping business, you are not producing mowed grass, sprinklers that work, or mulched flower beds. You are producing beauty to be enjoyed by others. That beauty makes an office building more attractive to tenants. It may increase rents, reduce vacancies, and improve renewal rates for the building. If the landscape company’s interaction with the property manager is hassle-free, then the company produces even more value. As you recognize and communicate the full value that you produce, you have an opportunity to set prices based on the higher value.

What You Get
  • The Effect of bad thinking on your business.

  • Statistics about profit and business.

  • Understanding the value of business and the impact.

  • Tools and strategies you can use right now to grow your profitability.

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