Greg Herring is a passionate finance advisor, effective problem solver and business catalyst. For more than 20 years, he has served as CFO and COO for companies in multiple industries. Over the past few years, Greg has focused on supporting leaders in the landscape and lawn care industry who are pushing themselves and their companies to grow. If you are in the green or construction industries, then his services may be useful for your business development.


As a speaker, Greg offers a no nonsense view on business value. He has spoken to enterprises in China, Africa, and the US on a variety of topics from business finances to employee motivation and beyond. Many finance leaders are risk averse and do not understand the entrepreneurial mindset. However, Greg’s talks bring both the financial perspective and entrepreneurial mindset together.


Many businesses are making less than they should, and he believes those business owners should get the rewards they deserve for their hard work. Greg shares insights into how businesses can optimize profits and focus on increasing value, which is very different from profit. He is open to speaking on a variety of topics.

Some popular topics he has discussed before include:

  1. Forcing Functions
  2. Profit Catalysts
  3. Power of Benchmarking a Business



Greg’s pragmatic focus on sharing business truths has allowed many CEOs and business owners to take action. Several say they felt “set free” from the unknowns holding back the progress of their companies after working with him.


His broad experience in management consulting includes developing startup companies, identifying and sizing markets, valuing companies, designing profitable business models, developing pricing models, drafting business plans, reducing financial and operational risks, identifying potential partnerships, and turning plans into real operations.


Common roles Greg takes on are profit optimization leader, landscape peer group facilitation and leadership development. All of these services come paired with his financial perspective on business.

Ways to Engage with Greg

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