2020: Forecasting and a Case Study

By Greg Herring
Forecasting written on night sky

This two-part webinar presented by Greg Herring and Kevin Kehoe of Aspire Software demonstrates the importance and mechanics of forecasting for landscaping businesses.

WEBINAR #1: Gathering Data to Create a Better Future (and Better Forecasts)

Landscape companies can produce enormous amounts of data. Some companies track the data on spreadsheets. Others use more advanced technology such as highly efficient software programs like Aspire.

When this data is aggregated into well-designed reports, the numbers will tell a story. The Herring Group team routinely calculates more than 20 measures for landscape companies.

In this webinar, Greg Herring shares the measures that are important to producing forecasts and shows you how to calculate them using Aspire or in Excel. Many of these measures are also important for increasing a landscape company’s net profit margin. Greg and Kevin Kehoe of Aspire also provide some context about how companies like BrightView which regularly use enterprise-grade tools use these measures and their systems to increase profitability.

WEBINAR #2: Case Study—Creating a model for short-term and long-term forecast

In this second webinar of the series, Greg Herring and Kevin Kehoe demonstrate a model for developing forecasts. The model relies on some of the measures discussed in the first webinar of the series as well as several other reports.