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We hire smart, down-to-earth financial leaders. Then we work with your team to get big results.

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Financial Experts

We approach your business like a CFO, bringing executive-level financial analysis to your processes. We simplify complex reporting and make numbers relevant, interesting and actionable for the entire team – from owners to operations.

Thought Leaders

We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your business and create positive cultural change within the landscape industry. We bring insights, industry trends and new ways of thinking to your leadership team to help you work smarter.

Truth Tellers

When owners get caught in the weeds, it’s often because entrepreneurs have a habit of making business decisions with their “gut”, which can be extremely stressful. We create transparency with impartial, factual data to make the data do the hard work.

Story Telling with The Herring Group

What happens when you get landscape business owners and The Herring Group employees together to share their stories? Take a look.

Financial Leadership for the Landscape Industry

What We Do Best

The Herring Group brings experienced financial leadership to the landscape industry, helping business owners achieve healthy profit margins and increase their life margins.

Utilizing the Path to 12% and your data, The Herring Group empowers business owners, executives and operational managers to make more informed business decisions with greater confidence. With CFO-level analytics, actionable reports and industry intel, we give growing companies a competitive advantage and the courage to create real change.

The Herring Group team

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What We’re Known For

Path to 12%

Our integrated and customized financial and operational process puts you on the path to increasing profit margin & life margin.

Benchmark Report

Created annually, this tool allows you to accurately compare your company to others in the industry, helping to identify opportunities and inspire your team.

Data Warehouse & Dashboards

Working in tandem with your ERP software, key reports and customized dashboards with actionable information are emailed to the right people at the right time.

PriceRight Intelligent Pricing service

Price confidently with PriceRight, powered by The Herring Group. Accurately and reliably set up pricing in your Aspire Software to improve your profit margin.

32 Golden Opportunities

Most landscape businesses have opportunities right in front of them to start increasing their profit margin and life margin. We help you know where to look.

Articles & Webinars

Greg Herring, Founder and CEO of The Herring Group, has a passion for sharing ideas to help the landscape industry. You’ll find his articles on and webinars as they pop up throughout the year.

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Client Testimonials

Working with The Herring Group has allowed me to identify clearly my next steps as a business owner. Greg removed the emotion from situations and helped us focus on the facts.

Beyond his experience in business and finance, Greg’s operational background makes a huge difference to his approach. Offering an interdisciplinary process in areas such as family politics, finance and human resources, he brings a unique perspective to everything he does. Greg’s ability to provide clarity, take operations to the next level and offer quick responses to concerns has provided a clear path to profitable growth for our business.

Jessica Milligan

Vice President, Strathmore Integrated Grounds Management

When I needed to bring a CFO perspective into my business, I decided to work with The Herring Group. Greg has since helped me identify priorities, stay focused, and simplify my business operations. In addition to being extremely organized and reliable, he makes me feel more comfortable making decisions as I discuss issues with him, which is important.

Hank Wilson

President, Sunscape Landscaping

Working with The Herring Group has brought tranquility and peace of mind to my business. Greg has provided a sense of calm and direction to my team, as well as a better understanding of processes and procedures.

I also appreciate his factual approach to doing business, as it has helped me focus in an impartial way. His deep understanding of how operations are connected to the business side brings a unique perspective to what he does. He relates to the challenges between operational and business processes, and is able to leave emotion out of the equation.

Ivan Giraldo

President, CleanScapes

The HErring Group

Our Team

Greg Herring, Founder and CEO of The Herring Group

Greg Herring

Founder & CEO

Sara Gonzales, Financial Leadership Partner

Sara Gonzales

Vice President, Operations

Darrell Jolley, Financial Leadership Partner

Darrell Jolley

Financial Leadership Partner

Denise Geraci_headshot

Denise Geraci

Financial Leadership Partner

Emily Martin, Financial Leadership Partner

Emily Martin

Financial Leadership Partner

Jean Aycock headshot

Jean Aycock

Financial Leadership Partner

Jeffrey Robertson headshot

Jeffrey Robertson

Financial Leadership Partner

Kathy Burns, Financial Leadership Partner

Kathy Burns

Financial Leadership Partner

Kelly Gauger, Financial Leadership Partner

Kelly Gauger

Financial Leadership Partner

Steve Earnhardt, Financial Leadership Partner

Steve Earnhardt

Financial Leadership Partner

Trey Lumley

Trey Lumley

Business Intelligence Director

Christy Nelson, Executive Assistant

Christy Nelson

Executive Assistant

Elin Waagen headshot

Elin Waagen


Tiffany Harlow, Marketing Director

Tiffany Harlow

Marketing Director

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