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Margin means Surplus

Your Competitive Advantage

The Herring Group brings experienced financial leadership to the landscape industry, helping business owners achieve healthy profit margins and increase their life margins. 

Utilizing the Path to 12% and your data, The Herring Group empowers business owners, executives and operational managers to make more informed business decisions with greater confidence. With CFO-level analytics, actionable reports and industry intel, we help growing companies gain a competitive advantage and the courage to create real change. 

Intentionally different

Helping You See Your Own Data Through New Eyes

They say that insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results. If you are ready to see real change, you have to be ready to do things a little differently. At The Herring Group, we approach your business with a unique lens, combining financial expertise with operational fortitude – and help you walk a new path to success.

At The Herring Group, we’re different because we’re:

  • Financial Leaders → Providing actionable data and strategy
  • Tech Forward → Experts in Aspire and BOSS LM Software
  • Enterprise Grade → To help you grow and position for the future
  • Industry Experts → Sharing trends and trustworthy industry data
  • Genuine & Caring → We take your success personally
Path along a hillside

Our Specialty

Integrated. Customizable. Impactful. The Path to 12%

→ proprietary operational process

→ cfo-level analytics

→ actionable reports

→ sequencing of work

→ seasonally appropriate timing

→ focus on broad accountability

→ use of psychology

→ change management principles

→ customized to your goals

Less work. More reward.

Let’s Work Together

Many of our current clients who have used other consultants are often surprised – we typically take LESS time and effort to get started because we jump in and do so much of the work for you. We don’t replace your current team members, and we don’t just tell your people what to do. We are fully invested in your success. As a supplement to the leadership talent you already have in place, we bring a financial lens that is often missing in this industry. We build reports, we sit in on regular monthly meetings and we get stuff done. We know you work hard, and it’s one of our greatest joys to see you get your reward.

Real Profit Growth

Let’s pretend. You own a $10M revenue company that grows its profit margin from 5% to 10%. Boom. You now have $500,000 additional profit at the end of the year. That’s a lot of reward to go around!

Software Matters

Reliable Data Goes a Long Way

While the Path to 12% works with any software, results occur faster with a landscape ERP system. The Herring Group knows Aspire, a Service Titan Company, and BOSS LM intricately, and we help your team rely on the data in those systems to grow your business and increase your profit margin and life margin. 

Actionable Reports

Making numbers relevant, interesting and actionable for key business leaders, and bringing simplicity to complex reporting


Teaching your team how to read the reports allows for better business decision-making and accountability

setup optimization

Ensuring your software is working for your company and its unique needs

Data Warehouse & Dashboards

Key reports and dashboards with actionable information emailed to the right people at the right time

From Our Founder

Living Life Well

Greg Herring, the Founder and CEO of The Herring Group, has a passion for restoring life margin to business owners and helping people live well. Greg has served as a CFO for both public and private companies and has significant experience in the landscape industry. He’s an avid reader, speaker and webinar enthusiast. If you ask him about his idea of life margin, he’ll tell you about his wife and three kids, bike riding and his work in Africa.

Things that make you go Hmmm.

challenge your thinking. change your reality.

Making the Industry Better

“The more of us [landscape business owners] that understand our costs, and our pricing, and our mission, and the comfortability with profitability and striving for it, the better the industry gets. It will make it all that much more competitive. I mean, if The Herring Group can change other people’s scenarios the ways they’ve changed ours, there’s going to be a lot of happy people out there.”

–Andrew Pelkey, North Point Outdoors

Enjoy This Life

“Thank you for helping [my husband] get things in order so one day we can enjoy this life.”

–Nichole Ponzani, Ponzani Landscaping

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