We Find More Margin in Landscaping Businesses. 

The Herring Group is an operational and strategic financial consultancy.


For many landscaping business owners, the business takes everything they have in terms of time and energy. These owners have zero life margin.  


There is no spare time. There is no spare energy. The company owns them.


Because their profit margin is low or unpredictable, these owners cannot hire employees or consultants to help them change that reality. The profits are too small and the uncertainty around whether the people will perform is too great. Growth is difficult or impossible under these conditions. It is a common problem, but it does not need to be permanent.


All of our work is designed to change that reality of too little margin.

How We Help Landscaping Professionals

Jessica Milligan portrait

Jessica Milligan

Vice-President at Strathmore Integrated Grounds Management

Working with The Herring Group has allowed me to identify clearly my next steps as a business owner. Greg removed the emotion from situations and helped us focus on the facts.


Beyond his experience in business and finance, Greg’s operational background makes a huge difference to his approach. Offering an interdisciplinary process in areas such as family politics, finance and human resources, he brings a unique perspective to everything he does. Greg’s ability to provide clarity, take operations to the next level and offer quick responses to concerns has provided a clear path to profitable growth for our business.

Growing Companies Need CFO Expertise.


The Herring Group provides a way to get it.  


Greg Herring is the founder and CEO of The Herring Group. He has served as a CFO of both public and private companies and has significant experience in the landscape industry.  

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Hank wilson portrait

Hank Wilson

President, Sunscape Landscaping

When I needed to bring a CFO perspective into my business, I decided to work with The Herring Group. Greg has since helped me identify priorities, stay focused, and simplify my business operations. In addition to being extremely organized and reliable, he makes me feel more comfortable making decisions as I discuss issues with him, which is important.

Your Business is Our Focus.


Working as part contractor (doing some work), part consultant (bringing CFO expertise), and part coach (encouraging results), The Herring Group serves landscape business owners challenged by growth.  


Using our proprietary Path to 12%, we install financial dashboards and operating systems that provide more profit margin for companies and more life margin for owners. 


That means less stress and more profit. 

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