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32 Golden Opportunities

Most landscape businesses have opportunities right in front of them to start increasing profit margin and life margin. We help you know where to look.

Knock, knock. It’s Opportunity.

Take the First Step to Healthier Margins

32 Golden Opportunities Inside Your Landscape Business is a step-by-step action plan for discovering missing profit.

Created by Greg Herring, our proprietary checklist is organized into six main areas to uncover opportunities within your business. It includes columns for assignment and accountability, and provides clarity to meet your goals.

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The Herring Group brings experienced financial leadership to the landscape industry, helping business owners achieve healthy profit margins and increase their life margins.

Utilizing the Path to 12% and your data, The Herring Group empowers business owners, executives and operational managers to make more informed business decisions with greater confidence. With CFO-level analytics, actionable reports and industry intel, we give growing companies a competitive advantage and the courage to create real change.


Greg Herring, the Founder and CEO of The Herring Group, has a passion for restoring life margin to business owners and helping people live well. Greg has served as a CFO for both public and private companies and has significant experience in the landscape industry.

He’s an avid reader, speaker and webinar enthusiast. If you ask him about his idea of life margin, he’ll tell you about his wife and three kids, bike riding and his work in Africa.