Greg Herring is a passionate finance advisor, effective problem solver and business catalyst. For more than 20 years, he has served as CFO and COO for companies in multiple industries. Greg’s pragmatic focus on sharing business truths has allowed many CEOs and business owners to take action. Several have said they felt “set free” from the unknowns holding back the progress of their companies. His broad experience in management consulting includes developing startup companies, identifying and sizing markets, valuing companies, designing profitable business models, developing pricing models, drafting business plans, reducing financial and operational risks, identifying potential partnerships, and turning plans into real operations.

In 2001, Greg started The Herring Group to continue serving company owners and executives with financial and business advising. Through many inspiring trips to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Greg’s passion for business was ignited. He realized the positive impact business has in allowing people to live well and communities to thrive.


The Herring Group

The Herring Group brings CFO services, perspectives and strategies to companies who need that expertise occasionally or part-time. In addition, The Herring Group compiles an Annual Peer Benchmarking Report for landscape management companies to help them “know the score” and see where they are winning and losing. Company leadership gets the support they need in creating key reports to optimize profitability and promote friendly competition among the management team.


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Greg Herring

I’m a fourth generation business owner. You might say that building businesses is in my blood.