Automated Reporting Webinar: June 18

Transforming Decision Making

Introducing Automated Reporting, a tool to empower your people to make better decisions. Learn how reports shared to the right team members at the right time, with the right metrics allows more people on your team to actively participate in your business’s success.

Right Data. Right Time. Right Decisions.

Reports to Empower Your People

At The Herring Group, we have seen firsthand the life-changing effect of getting the owner out of the weeds. When an owner has more time to think – one component of what we refer to as “life margin” – then typically, the company’s profit margin also improves. 

Join Greg Herring, the profitability expert in the green industry, as he introduces owners to a new concept in data utilization. In this webinar, he’ll share how automated reporting can help: 

  • Empower your people to make timely decisions using data
  • Remove the “noise” from reports
  • Get owners out of the weeds from making all the decisions
  • Get your managers focused on building beautiful projects instead of beautiful spreadsheets
  • Use scoreboards to create friendly competition

Automated Reporting creates a culture of action-takers, and more importantly, a culture of winning. We believe the right reports and KPIs can illuminate the path to success by shedding light on actionable next steps.

This webinar will provide owners the opportunity to schedule 1-on-1 time with Greg to discuss solutions for their company.


    June 18, 2024

    10am-11am CDT

    Automated Reporting Webinar

    Create a culture of of action-takers and decision-makers

    Visibility Matters

    What are the Common Problems Owners See But Don’t Have Time to Fix?

    A lack of visibility means that sub-optimal employees can hide within the busyness of daily operations. It means that long-term contracts could be underpriced and negatively affect profitability. It means that branch managers are left scratching their heads at turning into spreadsheet jockeys. It means that the owner is in the weeds making all the decisions.

    The right reports, delivered at the right time to the right person allow decisions to be made without the noise. Branch managers are no longer relying on “gut instinct.” They now have comprehensive dashboards that bring attention to their blind spots and spotlight their victories.

    Unknown employee performance

    We know we have employees who are performing below-average; and we wish we could reward our above-average employees.

    Unclear Customer Profitability

    We know we have some customers that are not sufficiently profitable and others that can teach us how to be more profitable.

    Inefficient Production

    We wonder if we can be more efficient in producing the work.

    Lack of Decision Making

    We wish our employees would make more and better decisions.

    Greg Herring
    Founder & CEO, The Herring Group

    Greg and his team of financial leaders at The Herring Group are on a mission to improve the profit margin of companies and the life margin of owners in the landscape industry.

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