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By Greg Herring
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Be the Trusted Digital Media Expert

The Challenge: 

Join a team innovating the way thought leadership is shared with owners of small and medium-sized businesses. At The Herring Group, we have a track record of success and the feel of a startup. Our B2B model allows us to be strategic, while our small team size allows us to be nimble. 

Be the trusted digital marketing expert within the team, with a focus on ActiveCampaign, LinkedIn, GoTo Webinar and WordPress. Our tech stack is lean and effective. 

Be unafraid of the unknown. Your experience in other platforms will transfer to your resourcefulness and willingness to learn and share the latest technology and trends. You will be at the forefront of researching AEO, SGE and other acronyms that manifest in our space, and you’ll teach us how to work smarter using AI.  

You will report to our Director of Marketing and work closely with them to develop and implement a cohesive digital marketing strategy. This is a part-time position, requiring 10-20 hours per week. 


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How To Succeed as a Digital Marketer at The Herring Group

The ideal candidate will simultaneously balance being a specialist and a generalist in the marketing tech space, working collaboratively in campaign strategy and development.

ActiveCampaign, LinkedIn, GoTo Webinar and WordPress experience preferred; resourceful and willing to learn new platforms

Identify problems, ideate solutions, set priorites, and execute meticulously


Confidently communicate optimizations to existing automations and campaigns



Location flexibility to work from home (*anywhere in Texas*) 10-20 hours per week, with meetings during business hours


Track and analyze data to identify trends, insights, and areas for improvement 


We infuse purpose and passion into our day-to-day interactions, knowing that positive change has a ripple effect


I have been delighted by the opportunities to take on significant challenges that are helping me grow my career while having the flexibility to work from home and set my own calendar. In some ways, The Herring Group feels like a start-up: lean, hungry, and rapid-growth. In others, primarily because of the founder’s experience, it feels like a long-established company with deep roots and loyal customers. It also has the distinction of being a company that values its investment in marketing, but with an uncommon grounding in clear expectations for what marketing must ultimately produce. This ensures alignment across the organization. The Herring Group is a great example of a company whose values are consistent both toward its employees and its clients. The company installs a management framework for its clients that helps them grow with confidence. That same management framework is applied to our own work: I am both celebrated for my accomplishments and held accountable to my commitments.

Marketing Director

About The Herring Group:

We’re a boutique business consulting firm providing executive-level financial leadership to landscape companies, ranging in size from $3M-$50M. Our main goal is to help businesses grow their profit margins and owners gain more life margin, a welcome change. We customize and help our clients implement our proprietary system, “The Path to 12%”. 

Our CEO and Founder, Greg Herring, also has a passion for helping people live well. He has been traveling to The Democratic Republic of Congo since 2008, and has recently created leadership groups to help local entrepreneurs join the “gig economy” to earn a living wage.  

If you think you’ve got what it takes AND are looking for a change in your work style, we look forward to hearing from you.

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The DNA of a successful employee of The Herring Group: 

      • Must reside in Texas 
      • Thrives on autonomy 
      • Enjoys being a leader in their area of expertise 
      • Values collaboration with peers 
      • Embraces the use of data and technology 
      • High energy, high integrity, and self-motivated 
      • Strong resiliency and character 
      • Passion for delivering results 
      • Yearns for purpose-driven work 

The Herring Group remote model has been a wonderful transition for me professionally and personally. The combination of Teamwork and Technology allows for great service to our clients. The services we offer include skills as a Contractor/Consultant/Coach, which brings great value to the Landscaping companies we work with and professional growth for the staff. The part-time role has been a great fit for me and the flexibility of hours and remote location make it perfect. The collaborative culture within the Herring Team and with our clients is a priority practiced every day and is valued in our processes and communication.

Financial Leadership Partner


The first step is to complete our survey and provide your resume for consideration.

Start here by filling out our hiring survey:

Work with The Herring Group