The Revolution of Christmas

By Greg Herring
Snow on a tree with the words Peace to All

I want to take this opportunity to wish my Christian readers a Merry Christmas. I know many of you have different beliefs. Whether you call yourself a Christian or not, I hope you will find this blog post informative – understanding why Christmas is just so revolutionary for Christians.

The words revolution and Christmas are not typically used in the same sentence, but make no mistake; Christmas represented a revolution.

Revolution is defined as the forcible overthrow of one system for a different system. Generally, we think of revolutions as it relates to countries. As business people, we also see it in business. There was the computer revolution of the 80s and the Internet revolution of the 90s. I think we are on the verge of the sensor revolution, but I will save that topic for another day. 

Now, the Revolution of Christmas

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Most of us know Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Jesus. For me, that familiarity can become a curse. I must remind myself what a remarkable event it was.

At its essence, the birth of Christ was God becoming man.

Think of it.

As God, Jesus chose to limit his abilities and power. He traded his limitless strength and lofty position for the helplessness of a baby. He chose to develop physically as all of us developed. He chose to share in our humanity so that we would know that he experienced our struggles.

Jesus was born into a Jewish family. The Jewish people understood the power and majesty of God. For them, God was all powerful and all knowing, but distant. He was not personal. He was not relational. 

However, the birth of Jesus changed everything.

As he grew, he volunteered to serve people rather than being served by people. It is like a king becoming a servant or a general serving as an enlisted person.

At age 30, when Jesus started his ministry, he showed the people the power of God by performing miracles. He showed people the compassion and love of God by feeding and healing people.

He spent much time doing life with his disciples. He taught them; he provided for them, and he loved them. He was (and is) relational.

The revolution was that the Jews and other people saw a different side of God. Jesus introduced the concept of God and people relating to each other in a personal way. That was the way he lived. There was no longer a need for an intermediary between God and man. God was no longer unreachable. God was personal. For the Jewish people as well as the other people who lived among them, that change represented a revolution.

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Merry revolutionary Christmas!