What Services Does the Herring Group Provide?

We work with business owners of growing businesses to install financial dashboards and operating systems to provide more margin for business owners – both in their businesses and in their lives.

The purpose of the customized financial dashboard and operating systems is to equip managers to think like a business owner. The operating systems move work from the owner to the managers while the dashboard helps the owner maintain control. With better data, the owner and managers make better decisions. Everyone benefits. 

The Three Cs

To make sure that changes stick, we serve businesses as a combination consultant, coach, and contractor. That combination of roles along with the perspective of a CFO sets us apart.


As a consultant, we provide true CFO perspective on our clients’ data and situation and true COO insights on how to execute strategy.


As a contractor, we do some of the work, instead of just telling our clients what to do.


As a coach, we encourage business owners to move forward in their pursuit of goals and plans.

Get Unstuck!

Next Steps



As a speaker, Greg offers a no-nonsense view on the value of business. He has spoken to business owners in China, Africa, and the US on a variety of topics from business finances to employee motivation and more. Many finance leaders are risk averse and do not understand the entrepreneurial mindset. However, Greg’s talks bring both the financial perspective and entrepreneurial mindset together.


If you want more support from Greg, you may schedule a free consultation with him to discuss your current situation.