It’s Lonely at the Top for Business Owners

By Greg Herring
Man standing alone on top of a mountain

Can it be less lonely at the top?

You live in a lonely place if you are a business owner. I want to make that place less lonely.

This is my first blog, so I’d like you to get to know me and understand what you can expect from this blog: Value – in the form of highly principled and practical advice from an experienced CFO.

Most everyone who has met me or worked with me as a business development consultant knows that I am obsessed with truth-telling and business formation. I know the power of business formation to change lives. I know that profits are a fair reward for a business owner. And profits are required to grow a business. Simply put, I am for profit.

For the past 15 years, I have delivered value to clients by helping them optimize profits and cash flow while building valuable businesses. One great thing that my clients often share is that I also make it less lonely at the top. My role is to be not only a trusted adviser, but also a confidant to business owners.

Through this blog, I will be sharing some of the truths that I have applied to real businesses. I’ll also share practical tools that I have developed while building teams and optimizing profitability. Since many of the people reading this blog work in the commercial landscape management business, I will frequently use examples that apply directly to your industry. However, these truths and tools apply to many different industries. 

I write from a strategic financial perspective.

The strategic financial perspective looks for opportunities to increase revenue from different sources, reduce costs and risks, and enhance the use of business assets. Most business owners and founders do not have a background in strategic finance, so I believe this financial perspective may be enlightening and valuable. 

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I invite you to suggest additional topics for blogs, especially where you may want further financal insights. If you have any questions for a CFO that you would like for me to answer in this blog, leave them in the comment box on our contact form.

I suspect that this blog will provide valuable information for both business owners and key managers. So please pay it forward and share it. Email it to a friend or colleague!