Seven Purposes of Profit – Digital Poster


Inspire your team!

Every day your team walks past that spot where they see the same old boring HR rules. Wouldn’t it be great to inspire them to work towards something meaningful — like greater profit?

Get your team on board with growing your business and your profit.  The 7 Purposes of Profit poster will inspire your team to push forward.

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The Seven Purposes of Profits – Downloadable PDF:

  1. Profits measure the value customers receive and the efficiency of delivering the product or service.
  2. Profits provide cash needed for companies to grow.
  3. Profits provide cash needed for companies to take risks and invest in new products or services.
  4. Profits provide cash needed to offer above-market pay to employees with above-market performance.
  5. Profits provide “savings” for downturns in the economy or other surprises and problems, helping businesses survive issues which might otherwise cause them to fail.
  6. Profits fund investments in the community through taxes and charitable contributions.
  7. Profits compensate owners for enduring sleepless nights, embracing risk and investing cash to provide meaningful jobs and products or services for the community.

In minutes, you could be inspiring your team.