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We challenge smart, down-to-earth financial leaders to rethink the traditional CFO role to help our clients thrive. And we do it well, while working 100% remote.

A Day in the Life at

The Herring Group


Our Financial Leadership Partners come from diverse backgrounds, from leading company acquisitions to starting their own businesses. Learn what a typical day in the life looks like and why our team thrives in this environment.

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“People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be.” – Harvey MacKay

How to Succeed as a Financial Leadership Partner


Be the type of financial leader that others want to follow 


Customize our time-tested proprietary process to fit each client


Identify problems, ideate solutions, and set priorities  

Expert Mindset

Become an expert in industry-leading software

Change Maker

Create reports and present insights to motivate change 

Executive Function

Execute decisively and efficiently

Here’s What We’re Made Of

The DNA of a Successful

Financial Leadership Partner

  • Thrives on autonomy 
  • Enjoys being a leader on a team 
  • Values collaboration with peers 
  • Embraces the use of data and technology 
  • High energy, high integrity, and self-motivated 
  • Strong resiliency and character 
  • Passion for delivering results 
  • Yearns for purpose-driven work 
  • MUST reside in Texas 

At The Herring Group, we believe you can still have a fulfilling career and time for other priorities. We are financial leaders on a mission to improve the profit margin of companies and the life margin of owners. This 100% remote position will provide location flexibility to work from home (anywhere in Texas).  

The Herring Group team of employees

The Herring Group team collaborates, learns and grows together