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We challenge smart, down-to-earth financial leaders to rethink the traditional CFO role to help our clients thrive. And we do it well, while working 100% remote.

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The challenge

Become a trusted financial leader for your clients. You’ll join a team innovating the way financial leadership is provided to growing small and medium-sized landscape industry companies. We have a track record of success and the feel of a startup.

What to Expect

You will lead in pricing, operational reporting and business strategy using our proprietary process. We do not perform other CFO-level functions, such as taxes and banking relationships, and there is no selling required. Expect to work approximately 30 hours a week, 100% remote.

Why You’re Here

You’re looking for an opportunity to be a high-value contributor, to enjoy fulfilling work, and to still have a life. You’re excited for a role that allows you to make a measurable impact on your clients’ success, all from your home office.

Interested in becoming a Financial Leadership Partner?

The first step is to complete our brief survey and provide your resume or LinkedIn profile for consideration. Start here.

A Day in the Life at

The Herring Group


Our Financial Leadership Partners come from diverse backgrounds, from leading company acquisitions to starting their own businesses. Learn what a typical day in the life looks like and why our team thrives in this environment.

“People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be.” – Harvey MacKay

How to Succeed as a Financial Leadership Partner


Be the type of financial leader that others want to follow 


Customize our time-tested proprietary process to fit each client


Identify problems, ideate solutions, and set priorities  

Expert Mindset

Become an expert in industry-leading software

Change Maker

Create reports and present insights to motivate change 

Executive Function

Execute decisively and efficiently

Here’s What We’re Made Of

The DNA of a Successful

Financial Leadership Partner

  • Thrives on autonomy 
  • Enjoys being a leader on a team 
  • Values collaboration with peers 
  • Embraces the use of data and technology 
  • High energy, high integrity, and self-motivated 
  • Strong resiliency and character 
  • Passion for delivering results 
  • Yearns for purpose-driven work 
  • MUST reside in Texas 

At The Herring Group, we believe you can still have a fulfilling career and time for other priorities. We are financial leaders on a mission to improve the profit margin of companies and the life margin of owners. This part-time, 100% remote position will provide location flexibility to work from home (anywhere in Texas) approximately 30 hours per week.  

The Herring Group team of employees

The Herring Group team collaborates, learns and grows together

Interested in becoming a Financial Leadership Partner?

The first step is to complete our brief survey and provide your resume or LinkedIn profile for consideration. Start here.

What Our Team Wants You to Know


The Herring Group opportunity has allowed me to transition from the fast-paced corporate world to a more manageable and flexible schedule while utilizing my professional experience to help our clients be successful and create that same life margin. The technology-enabled, remote model works well for both our collaborative team and our clients. The role of Financial Leadership Partner combines the skills of Contractor/Consultant/Coach and allows each of us to bring our diverse backgrounds and talents to the team and provide exceptional value to our landscape clients. The part-time role has been the perfect balance for me both personally and professionally.

Kelly G.

Financial Leadership Partner

Working at The Herring Group since 2019 has been a great fit for my professional and personal life. The teamwork and collaboration within our group is first rate and keeps me connected in the remote work environment. In addition, I find great reward and enjoyment from the client relationships and assisting them in achieving their goals. The work is challenging and the opportunity for learning and growth keeps it interesting and cutting edge in many areas. I appreciate the ability to work remotely and have a flexible schedule. Greg is a visionary and supportive leader and he has developed an excellent tool in the Path to 12%. It’s exciting to be a part of his team!

Jean A.

Financial Leadership Partner

Best of Both Worlds

From client dinners, group learning and team building, we still gather together in-person from time to time, so you really get the best of both (remote & in-person) worlds!

So What’s Next?

The first step is to complete our brief survey and provide your resume or LinkedIn profile for consideration.

We have very high standards for our services to clients. You can expect a selective hiring process to ensure the right fit.