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BrightView revenue boosted by snow, still searching for growth

This article originally appeared on on May 11, 2021. Greg Herring regularly writes for Landscape Management, providing financial analysis and insights tailored to landscape business owners. BrightView discovered gold in the form of snow during the quarter ended March 31, 2021. Revenue of $226.0 million from snow removal services in the most recent quarter was more than…

Generosity and leadership in time of war

Generosity and Leaders During COVID-19

Sacrifice. It’s a word that is not used much anymore.  Perhaps, it deserves to be used more frequently. I am going to attempt the impossible.  I want to discuss that word in the context of business ownership, COVID-19, war, and Easter – all in one blog post. Let’s define sacrifice:  “an act of giving up…

Christmas — A Different Perspective

Because business is an important part of life and our well-being, I think and write a lot about business.  Because life is more than just business, periodically, I write about other topics.

This post is about Christmas. So if you are only interested in business writings, feel free to skip this one.  At Christmas, work usually slows down and with the end of one year and the beginning of another, it’s a great time for reflection. Instead of the normal thinking about resolutions for the new year, I offer two questions worth pondering. 

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9 Tools for Becoming the CEO of Your Life

Managing your life effectively can look a lot like managing your business effectively. We are so incredibly fortunate to be alive in an era when new productivity tools are constantly in development for making the most of our time here on earth. Technology improves every day, so we are in an exciting age.   Still, all this progress can be…