There Is More Margin In Your Business.

There Is More Margin In Your Business.

Where do you find more margin in your business?


The answers are on The Path to 12%. 


We work with owners of growing businesses to install financial dashboards and operating systems to provide more margin – both in the businesses and in the owners’ lives.  


The operating systems equip managers to think like business owners. Effective systems move work from the owner to the managers. The owner maintains control with the customized dashboard.  


With better data, owners and managers make better decisions. Everyone benefits. 

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Warb Lee

CEO, Alen Corporation

Greg was far more than a consultant, he was a capability builder.

My original ask of him at the start of his 10-year engagement was to fix the financial reporting, which I assessed to be sub-par and inaccurate. When he quickly resolved this issue, I began asking him to take on more challenging and in-depth projects that were at the heart of our operational success. I require world-class operations, and Greg’s contributions gave me time and space to focus on my goals for Alen’s future.

Greg resolved many operational issues including manufacturing relationships, quality, and inventory management. He also developed and sourced new products, making a significant improvement in our product offering.

Finally, Greg left the company empowered, especially in the organization of finance, operations, product development, manufacturing relationships, and quality management. He left behind capable leaders and excellent processes that have given me a foundation on which to build. He’s a builder, and he helped me build Alen into a more valuable company.

The Herring Group Path to 12% Profit


The Path to 12% is a proprietary operational model. Our clients use it to thrive. 


The industry average is only 6.1% profit.  


The Herring Group helps owners set a plan to reach 12% profit. 


For companies at the industry average, that means nearly doubling profits.

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Your Success is Our Success.


Success means two things for The Herring Group: 


  1. Your company achieving a greater profit margin. 
  2. You, as the owner, achieving a greater life margin. 


You cannot change by doing more of the same.  


What got you here will not get you there. 

We Use The 3 Cs to Meet Your Goals.


We provide true CFO perspective on our clients’ data and situation and true COO insights on how to execute strategy. 


We encourage business owners to move forward in their pursuit of goals and plans. 


We do some of the work, instead of just telling our clients what to do. We custom-build the tools and reports you and your managers need. 

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Aric Budden


My first impressions of the Herring Group came through the Landscape Industry Benchmark Report. I was impressed at how thorough and well-organized the follow-up webinars were, and how I could put the data that was shared into action.

I’ve continued to use them because they’re effective and practical. I really like how Greg is in the trenches with us, doing the hard work to help me transform the processes in my company. His perspective, especially the insight he brings from outside the landscape industry, has been a huge plus, and so has his specific, on-point data analysis. He’s helped me build systems and reports that get my messages and my priorities out to my team.

On the whole, working with the Herring Group has brought me far more value than I expected, and Greg is the best consultant I’ve ever hired.

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